September 2019

Road Trip

Coming soon my September road trip get your eyes ready for my amazing Road Trip.

Below are just a few of the thing’s I managed to do with my time…

September Road Trip

Road Trip

Well my September Road Trip plan is well underway way now and I’m getting super excited about it Skylar is almost ready with only a few more things to do before she is ready for the commence of the trip, it’s going to be a 4 week trip this time and will include a 5 day yoga retreat with my lovely friend Michelle leading the retreat, I’m very excited about this as well.

Stay tuned for the next update as the countdown continues to get closer to start of The September Road Trip 2019.

Vineta Journey

120 Day’s

Part 2

its been 120 days i haven’t had one drop of alcohol, not one cigarette,nor any other drugs .
4 months 😏 I actually cant believe it myslef still the title of my status instead of one number shows 3 now .My days goes quicker now and i count in weeks now and wonder if i will ever stop counting .I am still in treatment ,i am still attending meetings. I am doing good. This months I had to press the “red button “(call someone out of hours for help not to relapse only once ,in my first 30 days i called 8 ,so I’m coping much better and its visible. Amazing things are still happening all the time .I’m still gaining a healthy eight, I’m in the gym 4 to 5 x a week ,i look and feel great. My immune system has not failed once,i haven’t been poorly during all 4 months once .don’t get me wrong I still struggle there and then .I am still paying the debts I made living “that ” life and will pay till Xmas but with no missed payments, and so pis**d off with myslef for it but I’m also saving and financially doing better and better and will eventually get there .
I have a great plan about studying now,i have decided to become a police officer. I have a great plans for life,for the rest of the sober days of my life .
I have realised that i actually have a life beyond my addiction and its not boring being sober .
Many many people have left my life now, but also few just AWESOME has come in .
I dont remeber how it feels to be hungover,i don’t remember the withdrawals and calm downs anymore ,I’m the heltiest I have ever been now .i am completely in love with myslef ,my children,oh and someone else 😉
Thank you to all my true friends Who is trully happy for me ,for all the amazing support I have and for the fate you all have in me .roll on next sober days :)))
Much love ❤

Written by Vineta.

New Section to Blog

Alternatively Alternate

So I’ve got a new section coming to my blog soon, I’ve been working on it for a while now and I’m really excited about it to say the least.

I’m sure your going to like it and find it very interesting I’m definitely looking forward to it

Vineta Lozda

My Friend Vineta’s Come Back

Vineta is one of the loveliest people you would want to meet, she is not only a beautiful young lady she’s intelligent, kind and thoughtful but above all that Vineta is a friend.

Unfortunately, my friend who is a successful model got drawn into the seedy world of drink and drugs, the outcome of this story isn’t a sade one though. Please read her story below, with part two to follow shortly.

From Down To Up

It started off at first by going out for a drink then two it was easy I had a bit of money and people would buy me drinks and before I knew it, I was hooked drink after drink but that was just the start of it then I got sucked into drugs. First, it was only occasionally, then every weekend then weekdays too, I would skip the work, look shit, feel utterly shit, I wouldn’t sleep for days. I stopped eating for days at a time, got myself into debt, I fell way behind with all my bills. I had lost control the small bit of gear turned into a lot of gear I was on a downward spiral of abusing my body with the drink and drugs.

One day as I was looking in the mirror what had happened? where was the strong bubbly, beautiful girl that used to be me? It was then I realised she had gone.
I felt so so sad, I wanted to see her again. I had tried to quit myself before, I would go as far as 4 days and start again, it was so clear to me that If I was really going to do this, I was going to need professional help.
I managed to find the strength to get myself into rehab, I entered a programme called 12 steps. I was aiming for a year to be sober, I had to stop the drinking as that was the trigger to get me onto the drugs, I was really caning the coke by then.

Now it is safe to say that I’m smashing!!! I’m attending meetings I’ve been clean for 60 days with no relapses. I feel good although it’s not easy, I’m here, still sober, and right now that’s all that matters.

By Vineta Lozda

Photo By

Malcolm Clark


Part Two Coming Soon.

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Test page

I Passed

Well I did it

I can’t believe I actually did it, I took my assessment and actually passed. IM astounded by this fact after all the years of being told I was stupid and would never amount to anything, I have proved that I’m not as stupid as they thought. RelaxI am a Meditation Teacher! Amazing, and I’m not stupid, I’ll admit it wasn’t that easy for me, but the fact of the matter is I did it.

I would like to thank all my friends that supported my on my journey they’re all the nicest people you could imagine and a special lady that gave me encouraging words my loveliest friend Michelle she really did help me through my study. 


Meditation Candles

Now if anyone has any intention of becoming a yoga or meditation teacher I would thoroughly recommend Yoga Dharma 229 Southchurch just give them a call or pop along to see them in person, tell them I sent you. Honestly these are the best authentic teaching school in the whole of Essex, so if you want to take up a new career and want to be taught by experts then you won’t go wrong here.

Discount Code:

More to come…

Run, But Don’t Fall Off The Treadmill

Under The Spotlight


Let me just put it out there: I’ve always been pretty slim; average height but small frame. You get bored after a while of hearing, “You’re so skinny!” But once I hit 30 and made a conscious effort to help myself look healthier (not that there was anything wrong before, thank you very much), finally the weight stayed on.

Before reaching that milestone, I never really did cardio because I’d just have to glance at anything involving increased movement and I would lose pounds. But now, not so much, so the first thing I do when I arrive at the gym in the AM is step on the treadmill.

I sprint for a minute sometimes two, walk fast, repeat. When the speed does increase and I’m pounding the treadmill while Beyoncé belts empowering words through my headphones, I imagine myself getting so carried away that I step too far back…

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