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Welcome to my new blog

Photography has long been a passion of mine so I have started this blog to share with you some of the magnificent sights and places I’ve seen so far, also it is my intention to travel around Britain taking photos as I go and recording it on this blog.

I would like to invite everyone in to join me on my travels, and hope that you all enjoy this photographic journey. Please leave your comments below and if there is a particular place you would like me to visit please let me know.



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Flareon SG (Rocío)

I would like to introduce to you this extremely beautiful lady for Argentina, once you’ve hade a read about her please take some time to check out her social media pages…

You Can Join SuicideGirls via the link below

A little About Me: My real name is Rocío, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Buenos Aires Argentina. Currently studying medicine! I want to be a plastic surgeon ♥Some of my hobbies are pole dancing which I’ve been practicing for 4 years ago. I’m learning to play the bass which is giving me so much peace! And right now my newest activity is femme style dancing. It’s a dancing technique where you learn to dance on high heels like in music videos! 
I started modelling in 2016 and that was also my first time posing in front of a camera. It was for nothing less than Suicide Girls!!! so this felt like a huge change in my life. My life has been so amazing since then. I got so much confidence in myself. 
I found SG when I was 15 on MySpace, saw many tattooed models and that’s when I knew I wanted to be THAT kind of woman! I waited until I turned 18. Then I started to work on my self esteem which is not an easy thing. Still working on it! 
In the near future I’m planning to make some cosplays for my sets. It’s such a beautiful art I’m really looking forward to studying and trying it. 
Here is my social media stuff! 


Twitter: for more NSFW stuff





The Road Trip To Scotland May 2021

Scottish Road Trip

Keep watching to see all the adventures I had on my recent Scottish Road Trip…

Sophie Stonem

Monday, 18 January 2021

Sophie Stonem

Meet Sophie a really lovely intellectual and very versatile young lady from Essex in the United Kingdom below are some interesting facts about Sophie. I’ve also put a few photos of Sophie she is very beautiful all natural.

Please find the time to go and have a look at her social media pages where you will see some absolutely fabulous photos of this delightful young lady.

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Facts About Sophie

Age: 27

Birthday: 25/1/1993

Born in Essex, England

I have been modelling since I was 15, doing topless and nude since I was 21.

I started in hair and beauty, editorial and fashion. 

I started doing topless after shooting for a casting call for Front Magazine, after enjoying it and making lots of contacts I decided to further going into Suicidegirls, Xtremeplaypen, OnlyFans, etc.

I am a natural redhead, with freckles and a petite model. 

I have not had any cosmetic surgery or procedures. 

My OnlyFans is a free page because I want a space where I can share the content I want for a wide audience without being removed from mainstream social media sites. 



These Are Links To My Social Media Pages





I enjoy making collections of Instax, prints, underwear and other such merch and selling it as a themed collectible. 

I have 3 Front Page sets for Suicidegirls and have shot over 30 sets for them in total

I have 8 tattoos in total. 

My best side is my left side and my go-to in modelling!

Other hobbies: photography, floristry, hockey, mixing Drum n Bass, traveling, skiing, dancing & pole fitness. 

All My Links


Here is an absolutely stunning lady from Russia she is extremely talented and enterprising, it’s a privilege to introduce the lovely Sasha

Sasha Redkaya (Rare)Hey there! My name is Sasha Rare and I really like to create photos/videos and other multimedia stuff. Body modifications, tattoos, burlesque, modeling, dancing, creating videos are what I’m into!
Recently dived into minimalism and other environmental friendly things about which I’m gonna talk about on my YouTube channel. I’m also vegan since 2015.  

Was born and raised in Russia, but I’m open to the whole world. And my biggest dream is to travel all over the world with my backpack. 
Right now I work as a content creator and a bit less as a model and a burlesque dancer/costume maker. So you probably understood that I’m quite creative person ha-ha-ha!   I also have my own merch such as stickers and one of a kind polaroid pictures so if you’re into it I can send you some! 🙂 

Anyway, would love to see new people on my social networks which I’m gonna list below and big thanks to Kirston that he gave me an opportunity to be published here.
My social medias:






Amazing Stickers


Meet Sammi

Sammi is a Beautiful 5’5 Alternative Tattooed Fashion & Fitness model from Essex in the U.K.
She is a U.K and Internationally Published Model. Sammi has a charming personality she has lots of energy, is very professional and great fun to work with.

Here are a few photos of her, to discovery further information about Sammi please check out her social media pages (see links at bottom of page.)

Please Leave comment bellow and let me know if you have any questions.

Laney Jane

Laney Jane

Laney Jane is a very easy going fun loving model she has the most gorgeous eyes a great personality a really pretty face and a smile that would make your legs turn to jelly.

Laney is a published model she has lots of cover features plus she has some amazing Tattoos that would look fabulous on my wall at home.  As you can see from her photo Laney is a first-rate model, so please spear a little bit of your time to take a look at her new OnlyFans page just click on the link or her photo and it will take you straight there.





Laney 005
Laney Jane

She has just started a new venture that I’m sure is going to go along way.

In her own words

Im a tattooed UK published model. I love my ink the more the merrier. I have an extreme lingerie addiction and love to share images of new bits. Im a fun girl, a little bit diva but also a little geek.


Follow the links to Laney Janes social media pages

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This is Lia-Marie a beautiful local model with amazing talent, she has a great smile and beautiful eyes.  so here in her own words, is some information about her and how you can contact Lisa-Marie.

Personal growth has become very important to me, growing up I had issues with my self-confidence and struggled with my weight. This held me back from trying new things. After losing 5 stone through healthy eating and regular exercise I found new confidence I had never experienced before. This got me noticed by a local photographer who suggested I entered a competition she was doing, combining boudoir and feeling great about yourself. I was a little apprehensive, to begin with, however, I decided to just go for it… It was the best decision of my life. I won alongside someone else and we did a shoot together and separately. I felt amazing after and seeing myself from another perspective, hearing such empowering and supportive encouragement from the photographer, MUA and fellow model, and seeing myself how someone else saw me, really changed the way I felt about myself, not only as a woman but within my own skin.

This photo was taken by Stephen Hawkins

The photographer asked if she could share my photos and from there it’s been a spiral of continuous opportunities to work which such wonderful creatives. I have met some amazing people who have guided me and helped me grow. I have been modelling now for just over a year and the growth I have experienced not only in my professional life but personal has been paramount.

I’m so grateful for the photographer who opened me up to such an amazing experience and opportunity that has continued and grown from strength to strength.

Taken by Robert Campbell

I have learnt so much in such a small amount of time and look forward to what the future holds and working with many more amazingly talented creatives

Taken by Stephen Hawkins

Taken by Stephen Hawkins


Thank you Lia-Marie and I look forward to working with you hopefully in the not too distant future.

Links to Lia-Marie’s Social Media Pages

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Gothic And Amazing

The Story of Gothic and Amazing.


Gothic and Amazing started out as someone’s dream to show the world that Goth doesn’t have to be just dark and depressing.  Like a black rose is dark but yet beautiful so why not find beauty in dark and be Gothic and Amazing.  And with that, one day a Facebook page was born trying to show the beautiful part of Goth.  The goal was to support everyone that fitted that description from models to photographers, make-up artists, stylists, music bands, shop owners and all kinds of Goth form of art.

Here are some of the beautiful the models from this site

Gothic and Amazing
Model/MUA: Sienna Sally⠀Photo: APOV Visual Artist
Model/MUA: Nika Beauty Art
Photo: APOV Visual Artist

20 facts about Gothic & Amazing

1. Gothic and Amazing was born on the night of December 20th, 2012.
2. We gained 1000 fans during the first month!
3. We still have active fans that follow us since the very first day.
4. The name Gothic and Amazing came to remind people that not all Goth pages have to be dark, depressive or horror-themed… Gothic and Amazing, like the name states, was created to show that Goth can be beautiful and even colourful.
5. Our logo has always been a Black Rose, not because black roses are morbid but because they are dark and still beautiful (we always try to find and show the beauty in the dark).
6. G&A’s goal has always been to support and promote good quality alternative/goth work.
7. We do not post or promote horror, porno, and religious or bad taste work. We respect everyone’s opinion, therefore we keep racism, religion and politics out.
8. Our 1st website was launched on April 15 of 2014. We have a variety of weekly updates, including model & photographer interviews, band bios, styling tips and more.
9. We want to give the same chances to big-name artists and young starting ones. So if your work is good and fits G&A’s style, there is a place for you with us.
10. Even being very few, we manage to constantly grow our social media and online presence in general. You can find us on Facebook (where it all started), Tumblr and Instagram (now Patreon as well).
​11. We just joined Patreon to give our fans a way to support our work and to give them a few special treats as a way to thank them for being so special to us.
​12. We have never paid ads on Facebook or on any of or social media. Reach on all our social platforms is organic.
13. On Facebook, apart from our page, we also have a group named Gothic and Amazing, where you can share your work for free.

Follow the links to Gothic and Amazing social media pages and website.

Twitter:// @GothicNAmazing 


Model MUA Sienna Sally⠀Photo: APOV Visual



Model: @tatiana___neves94



Photo, retouch APOV Visual Artist⠀ Model: @nikazh_model

Olga Razhnaya

Olga Razhnaya


It all began a long time ago in the Urals. When I was a child, I lived with my grandfather. And he was a watchmaker. The clock was everywhere, they ticked, squeaked,  and woke up the neighbours at night with a twelve-hour battle. I adored the watch, I often sat and watched how my grandfather worked with them, looking for small details that fell on the carpet. I even asked him to teach me how to fix them too. But he just laughed and said that I’m too restless for this.
Later I came up with another idea. Since I can not save watches that are not subject to repair, I can make them something new and interesting. So began my experiments, which continue to this day. After a while, I learned that there is a whole subculture called “steampunk”, where the whole reality is based on mechanisms, gears, steam, etc and that I am in this alignment with my craft, it passing to me. 

I can define my style as an experimental steampunk, I use very diverse materials to create my works, such as dried flowers, shells, natural stones, sometimes dead insects found in the forest during the collection of plants for a new collection, etc. Fantasy has no boundaries, so each product is unique. I never repeat the model, I’m sure every person is a unique universe and therefore for each one individual jewellery

And now!!

 PsychoSteampunk is a level of concentration where various states of consciousness manifest themselves, transforming the illusory nature of reality into anything by any means through the direct exercise of unbending intention, leading to uncontrollable joy and development of all participants of this action. ♾

At the moment, my work is not only the design of jewellery and decor products but also the process of revitalizing them in action. This is an exchange of experience with other masters, sometimes working in completely different directions, organize art events,  photo sessions, video shooting, experimental dances, the conceptualization of the experience and presentation in different forms to the audience. This is my personal game with the universe and my language, in which I tell her fairy tales.

Another embodiment of my art is a comic book catalogue, which is preparing to see the world soon, and a hint of which you can see on my Instagram page. In it, I will tell a fantastic story about the distant future, wonderful heroes and try to convey the spirit of the PsychoSteampunk as much as possible!


Olga Razhnaya


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