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Hey Hey, welcome 🙂 My name is Victoria Sècret, I am 33 and from Basildon, Essex!

I am a singer and frontwoman of the Metal/Prog band ChemiQueen! I’ve been rolling with these guys since just before lockdown, with the looooong covid break before we could start gigging we had time to write some sweet proggy goodness! We’ve been gigging for around a year now and we’ve played some amazing shows around Essex, Norwich, Colchester, and Ipswich!

We have some great shows coming up locally too so check out our Facebook/IG pages to see where and when we’re playing as well as some cool content and clips! We have also released a couple of tracks, check them out on all popular platforms such as iTunes and Spotify! We’re recording 2 more tracks in June, I can’t wait! 😃

I have been writing music and performing on stage for around 10 years now! Which is crazy! I used to play guitar, bass, and keys, and sing in bands when I was a teen also so it’s always been a passion of mine. I am also a freelance model, I had been modelling as a hobby for around 5 years gaining experience before I took it to a professional level.

During the lockdown, I was fed up like most of us. I decided I was going to get in shape and take up modelling seriously which is when I created Victoria Sècret! It was an absolute shock how well it took off, I feel very lucky to have been able to achieve the things I have so far, I feel very blessed. I have shot with some amazing people at fantastic locations, and done shots I could have only dreamed of when I was in my 20s! Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy my work and please do check out my band and give us a follow! Check out my links and I’ll always return the love. Feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat or discuss shoots/shows! Peace ✌🏼🤘🏼🫶🏼



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Road To Ruin 2022

Road To Ruin

The Stage At RoadtoRuin Festival 2022

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Please Like and share this blog post add your comments below!!!

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This is a test blog

This is a test blog to make sure word press is working properly.

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Test page

I Passed

Well I did it

I can’t believe I actually did it, I took my assessment and actually passed. IM astounded by this fact after all the years of being told I was stupid and would never amount to anything, I have proved that I’m not as stupid as they thought. RelaxI am a Meditation Teacher! Amazing, and I’m not stupid, I’ll admit it wasn’t that easy for me, but the fact of the matter is I did it.

I would like to thank all my friends that supported my on my journey they’re all the nicest people you could imagine and a special lady that gave me encouraging words my loveliest friend Michelle she really did help me through my study. 


Meditation Candles

Now if anyone has any intention of becoming a yoga or meditation teacher I would thoroughly recommend Yoga Dharma 229 Southchurch just give them a call or pop along to see them in person, tell them I sent you. Honestly these are the best authentic teaching school in the whole of Essex, so if you want to take up a new career and want to be taught by experts then you won’t go wrong here.

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More to come…


Skylar’s progress

Skylar has come along in leaps and bounds, lots of new things have been added to her.

I have my solar panels on and running can’t believe that I can get a full charge on my batteries even on a cloudy rainy day, so I have 300W of solar power running through a 40A solar charger.

Solar charge controller

Charge controller

So this is my Epever MPPT Solar control, I would highly recommend this system to anyone thinking about installing a system into their van it really is amazing to be off grid.

Cornwall Road Trip

The Road Trip Begins

Day one 10.06.2018

With my hair sorted and showered it was time to get this show on the road.

Although I still had a bit of an upset tummy I wasn’t going to let that put me off, I continued packing up my last few item’s into carrier bags doing my best not to forget anything, I knew somewhere down the line there was going to be a list of thing’s but hey I’m used to it!! And yes there was as soon as I’d left I remember that I had a bag of fresh fruit sitting in the kitchen.

Bags to be sorted!!!

Bags of bits

Well it took me 40 minutes to set right out of Southend onto the main A13 heading towards Dartford crossing then it was a nice steady speed to my first stop at Sevenoaks, from there I went to a small village Four Elms, I stopped here for 10 minutes to stretch my legs from there I travelled on to Washington the South Downs where I decided to stop for the night on a campsite so as I could sort the van out, a lovely little site I used my camping and caravan card which got me a small discount on the regular price.


First Dinner

Shower and Laundry Block


So first place I’m going to visit is Stonehenge and man was I supremely surprised with it, the visitors centre was a hive of information with a feast of facts and figures about Stonehenge the whole history of the place.

The Unmistakable Stonehenge

Hiya Everyone!

After Stonehenge I parked up for the night cooked a lovely dinner for myself had a nice relaxing evening deciding my next destination.


After breakfast I set off for Glastonbury it has been year’s since my last visit but it was just as fantastic!

Found a great parking place (see photo)

Parking place at Glastonbury

Parking place at Glastonbury just through the alley to town centre

Couldn’t get any closer, what a wonderful place to be there was music hippies crystal shops clothing shops it was just fabulous, I think everyone should visit here at least once in their lives!! I must go back soon I love it there such a friendly atmosphere everyone so happy.

Photography by me all copyrighted all at Glastonbury.

From there I headed west on the A39 towards Bridgewater carried on past there ending up at Blue Anchor Bay not far from Minehead.

As I sat there looking across the water I could see in the distance through the haze a glimpse of land, of course it was the coastline of South Wales, Rhoose, Barry and Gileston, then all of a sudden I could hear a familiar sound of #steam, steam from a steam train and there behind me she was in all her glamours glory a lovely old steam engine at Blue Anchor Station I believe it was constructed in the 1870s originally known as Bradley Gate, that’s when I had a sudden change of plan and decided to head for Wales!!.

Road Trip Continues

Along the coast back up to the A39 going North then A38 then M5 past Burnham-on-sea, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead Yes that (Portishead) onto the M49 and finally the M4 and the Seven Bridge into Wales….I was heading towards Brecon Mountain Railway and the Steam Museum at Merthyr Tydfil. By the time I arrived it had already closed for the day, I was hungry and needed to find a place to park up for the night, I ended up at Grawen Caravan and Camping Park.

(CF48 2HS)

Following day I travelled north on the A470 to Beacons Reservoir phor some photos a magnificent reservoir great for my photo session, after spending some time there I travelled north again into the town of Brecon to stock up on supplies Morrisons, the a walk around the town and very nice it was. In the centre of the town just outside St Mary’s church stood a statue of Wellington. The Duke (1769 – 1852) The statue was erected in 1856 by a Brecon resident Evan Thomas as a mark of respect, although Wellington had no connection whatsoever with the town, so I guess Evan just liked him……

St Mary’s church Brecon

After going back to Skylar I noticed a bit yellow Citroen van with a solar panels on its roof a guy was sitting inside typing on his phone as I approached the looked up I gave him a wave went over to have a chat with him and his passenger which was his wife Wendy really sorry if your reading this I’m terrible with names and I can’t remember his…apologies, they had been on the road for 8 months travelling the UK doing boot sales as they went to keep them on the road, and they loved every minute of it, had a long chat it was them that gave me my next destination. Belch Nant yr Arian.

The Following Day.

I set of North on that A470 towards my next point of call a Red Kite Bird Feeding Centre it was situated on a large site of a main building with diner gift shop and wooden outside viewing with seating bird feeders two lakes with I hide and a viewing site on opposite side of lake.

Part two coming soon.

Please leave a comment below and ask any questions.

Thank you.

The Building Of Skylar

Skylar Continues To Grow

Progress Continues I’m pleased with the way things are going at the moment, and looking forward to my up coming road trip to Cornwall nest month 🙂 .
The new additions to my van
Things are starting to take shape at last I now have my twin gas ring hob installed see (Fig.1) next to that i

Hob 001

s a small sink I have yet to plumb the water in and wire up the water pump, something else on my list of jobs.
No gas yet as I’m still waiting for my gas locker to arrive from had a bit of a hold up with the delivery due to a computer technical hitch! But should be arriving tomorrow, so once I have it I can see if the space I have constructed for it is going to be right, otherwise I’ll have to re-plan.

Figure 1 New Hob

Moving on 23/05/2018.
Things have progressed quite well over the last few days as the weather has been good, don’t know how long it will last so I’m making the most of it!
My gas-locker finally arrived a week late although it is of good quality a well-made item although I think it was a bit pricey.
When it came to installing the locker it fitted great in the space I had purposely built for it, but unfortunately when I went to drill the hole for the drop-out I couldn’t locate a suitable place under Skylar were the drop-out hole could go, so I ended up having to move it round to the side door where there was plenty of space for it to go.
This is Dan my nephew helping out, he’s painting red oxide on the bare metal where the drop-out hole was drilled (See Fig 2)

dropout 004
Dan Working on Skyler

Hear you can see more photos of the progress made on this day.

Please leave any comments or questions in the box below, don’t forget to like and share.

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