Run, But Don’t Fall Off The Treadmill

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Let me just put it out there: I’ve always been pretty slim; average height but small frame. You get bored after a while of hearing, “You’re so skinny!” But once I hit 30 and made a conscious effort to help myself look healthier (not that there was anything wrong before, thank you very much), finally the weight stayed on.

Before reaching that milestone, I never really did cardio because I’d just have to glance at anything involving increased movement and I would lose pounds. But now, not so much, so the first thing I do when I arrive at the gym in the AM is step on the treadmill.

I sprint for a minute sometimes two, walk fast, repeat. When the speed does increase and I’m pounding the treadmill while Beyoncé belts empowering words through my headphones, I imagine myself getting so carried away that I step too far back…

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Continue Story of Swollen Leg

Swollen leg

Became larger more swollen went back to hospital for mor antibiotics more waiting and now I have to go to hospital Monday morning for more waiting and more antibiotics.

See photo..©Kirston Tozer


Swollen leg

Well a bit of a setback had some trouble with my leg at the weekend, it became swollen itchy an quite painful.

So as you can see not very pleasant went to the out of hours Dr on Sunday who gave me cream to put on it.

On a more exciting note my t-shirts are ready Woo-hoo!!!

Watch “kirston tozer” on YouTube

Hello everyone I’m looking for some help with my You Tube channel I need to get the total No of views up to 10.000 so I would really appreciate you help on this, please could you visit it and view one of my videos maybe even give it a thumb’s up or if you really want to hit the subscribe button…It would really help me out.

Thank you so much for your help!! 😀

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My Lovely Van

The van build is going well getting the solar panels sorted out at the moment, going to mount them on my new roof bars hopefully get them on soon.

Naples Pompeii! 5/6/2017

A glisse of my one week stay in this fabulously decorated Hotel!20170606_100622

A beautiful building  (19.15) and still in the same family….and what an amazing family they are.

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