Saying goodbye to my friends.

Poor babies bless this lady with a big heart x

Peaceful Food

I had four beautiful goats.

I say ‘had’ because as of today, I now only care for one beautiful goat.

His name is Cheech.

I rescued Cheech and his friends from certain slaughter as he and his friends were all male.

Male in the meat industry equates to a death sentence. As I watched and heard the baby goats up on the pasture at the end of my land, I couldn’t bear to think about those innocent babies going off to be killed for their flesh.

For a few meals.

Meals that could easily give enough sustenance and nutrition without having to add the flesh of a dead animal.

I live in a country where they don’t seem to see the lives of animals as I do. They don’t appear to have the same compassion for sentient beings as I do and that is the hardest part of being here.

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Kirston Tozer Photography

Welcome to my new blog

Photography has long been a passion of mine so I have started this blog to share with you some of the magnificent sights and places I’ve seen so far, also it is my intention to travel around Britain taking photos as I go and recording it on this blog.

I would like to invite everyone in to join me on my travels, and hope that you all enjoy this photographic journey. Please leave your comments below and if there is a particular place you would like me to visit please let me know.



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