Van Travel Photographer

Van Travel Photographer

As a photographer I meet lots of different people most of the people I meet tend to be young up and coming models some have gone on to be quite famous models and there are lots that have great potential to hit the big time in the fashion/model img_3659.jpgworld,  anyhow with my love of traveling I decided to combine the two and become a Travel Photographer so I thought I’d add a few shots here from a trip to Italy last year to Naples and Pompeii. Here you can see one of the many bodies that were covered in several feet of hot volcanic ash their body preserved for all time.


Here we have one of the many streets of Pompeii that has been uncovered alIMG_3646.JPG the ash cleared away, there’s a rumour that 2018 is going to be the year that Mount Vesuvius has a major eruption that will be more catastrophic than the one covering Pompeii all those years ago.



This is the city of Naples where I stayed for a week in March 2017.  A lovely city the hotel I stayed in was a nice Family run business with still three generations of the male part Grandfather Father and Son, Grandfather was 96 years old, a lovely gentleman who came and spoke to me everyday I was there he didn’t speak any English I didn’t speak any Italian but managed to get the drift of what he was telling me and the bits that I missed his grandson would fill me in with.IMG_3625


Lots of Street Merchants






Long alleyways between the main shopping roadways lots of sidewalk pavement cafes with the Strong aroma of coffee everywhere I went.



I also visited some lovely parks with tree lined pathway and very old statues most of which had their heads missing…


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