Vineta Journey

120 Day’s

Part 2

its been 120 days i haven’t had one drop of alcohol, not one cigarette,nor any other drugs .
4 months 😏 I actually cant believe it myslef still the title of my status instead of one number shows 3 now .My days goes quicker now and i count in weeks now and wonder if i will ever stop counting .I am still in treatment ,i am still attending meetings. I am doing good. This months I had to press the “red button “(call someone out of hours for help not to relapse only once ,in my first 30 days i called 8 ,so I’m coping much better and its visible. Amazing things are still happening all the time .I’m still gaining a healthy eight, I’m in the gym 4 to 5 x a week ,i look and feel great. My immune system has not failed once,i haven’t been poorly during all 4 months once .don’t get me wrong I still struggle there and then .I am still paying the debts I made living “that ” life and will pay till Xmas but with no missed payments, and so pis**d off with myslef for it but I’m also saving and financially doing better and better and will eventually get there .
I have a great plan about studying now,i have decided to become a police officer. I have a great plans for life,for the rest of the sober days of my life .
I have realised that i actually have a life beyond my addiction and its not boring being sober .
Many many people have left my life now, but also few just AWESOME has come in .
I dont remeber how it feels to be hungover,i don’t remember the withdrawals and calm downs anymore ,I’m the heltiest I have ever been now .i am completely in love with myslef ,my children,oh and someone else 😉
Thank you to all my true friends Who is trully happy for me ,for all the amazing support I have and for the fate you all have in me .roll on next sober days :)))
Much love ❤

Written by Vineta.

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