Here is an absolutely stunning lady from Russia she is extremely talented and enterprising, it’s a privilege to introduce the lovely Sasha

Sasha Redkaya (Rare)Hey there! My name is Sasha Rare and I really like to create photos/videos and other multimedia stuff. Body modifications, tattoos, burlesque, modeling, dancing, creating videos are what I’m into!
Recently dived into minimalism and other environmental friendly things about which I’m gonna talk about on my YouTube channel. I’m also vegan since 2015.  

Was born and raised in Russia, but I’m open to the whole world. And my biggest dream is to travel all over the world with my backpack. 
Right now I work as a content creator and a bit less as a model and a burlesque dancer/costume maker. So you probably understood that I’m quite creative person ha-ha-ha!   I also have my own merch such as stickers and one of a kind polaroid pictures so if you’re into it I can send you some! 🙂 

Anyway, would love to see new people on my social networks which I’m gonna list below and big thanks to Kirston that he gave me an opportunity to be published here.
My social medias:






Amazing Stickers

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