September Road Trip 2019

Well Here We Go

I’m off I’ve started my September road trip and a great first day the ferry crossing went well,

Skylar on Ferry

it was a little bit up and down, but all in all was quite smooth I guess I’m not the best of sailors

On Deck

(hahaha) like it to be a mill pond really.

So got to Calais at 06.40 local time and headed off on the A16 south I pull into a service area to set up my new Sat-Nav only to find that it would not stay connected for some unknown reason…so set up Google Maps on my good old mobile, headed for Caugé when I spent the first night parked on a farm.

Free parking for the night .

Day 2.

Tunnel de Saint-Rimay

Set off for a place I had visited in June when I went on my Portugal Road Trip. The tunnel at Saint-Rimay, an old abandoned train tunnel used as a stronghold in WW2 by the German troops. A remarkable place passing under farm land what seemed like just an old tunnel at first.

Very eerie standing in and around this tunnel it was kind of spooky, I had a cold feeling come over me from the souls and spirits of the many lives that had been lost there during WW2. Needless to say I felt quite saddened by the thought.

Moving on I decided to revisit another place I’d been to before for an overnight stay after cooking myself some food another van pulled in, with a lovely young couple.

Keupon & Nico

Keupon Sauvage from Briey France & her partner Nico Tekass from Thionville France, they had been travelling for 5 months, they are French and had their two beautiful dog’s with them.

Area de descanso La Guardia. My stopover for the night you can find it on Google Maps.


Stopover for the night

Thursday San Roque

Thursday 12th September, its 71° beautiful Sunshine I can see the Rock of Gibraltar bbehind me.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Well I’d never had thought 5 years ago that I would be sitting at the back if my van looking at this, how amazing a really breathtaking view. I’m probably going to stay the night here as it’s nice and peaceful, there is another English van parked in front of me with a young couple enjoying touring around.

Another English Van

The Rock

My trip to Gibraltar went ssmoothly after parking up Skylar I grabbed my cameras and headed off for the border passport in hand I walked across and onto Gibraltar first thing I saw a red phone box, then I had to walk across the runway of Gibraltar airport (see photo) and head for the town.

The runway at Gibraltar

I reached the town after a short walk it was just like I’d stepped back into the UK lol.

The Square

Shops and cafes all very nice I found it very expensive there apart from fuel 97p a litre booze cigarettes.

Costa Coffee

High Street


Gibraltar With Clouds

Yoga Retreat Spain

A 5 Day Yoga Retreat with Michelle & Rachel

Michelle & Rachel

How magnificent was this 15 females 2 males including me…we all stayed in a fabulous villa

Yoga Retreat Villa

near Marbella southern Spain, a pool, sauna, gym, and yoga all the food was freshly prepared cooked and served by the wonderful Rachel with some help from Paige, one of the lovely yogis, we had early mmorning yoga followed by breakfast then all day to do whatever we wanted beach, shopping, walking or just lounging around the pool. Late afternoon another yoga class followed with meditation ( one class taught by mmyself) an amazing evening meal cooled again by Rachel.

The Pool

The Beautiful Pool

Michelle & Natz

Steve & Natz

Me At The Pool

View To The Sea

Some of the many photos taken at the retreat.

More to follow soon.

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