The end of 2019 The beginning of 2020

Despite 2019 being one of the best year’s ever with lots of goals being reached, and an absolutely Brilliant Summer I finished 2019 & started 2020 with Pneumonia with complications and ended up New Year Eve in Southend Hospital.

Me New Year’s Eve

So yes not much celebration going on, but it did give me time to reflect back on 2019s travelling, weekend’s away, all the exciting, amazing thing’s and places I got to see, it made me feel incredibly grateful for being healthy enough to do these thing’s plus all the fabulously interesting, happy people I got to meet along the way. I also got to meet up with my lovely friend Michelle in Marbella Southern Spain at a yoga retreat she had organised with another friend Rachel, you can read about it title (September Road Trip) Now I’m looking forward to my 2020 adventures, taking every opportunity that comes along the get out and travel in my lovely campervan (Skylar) you can read about my adventures on here, and go over to my YouTube channel where you can travel along with me, just subscribe and hit the notification bell that way you won’t miss any new videos.

May I take this time to wish you all a happy prosperous new year, and don’t forget to Always Follow Your Dreams.

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