Olga Razhnaya

Olga Razhnaya


It all began a long time ago in the Urals. When I was a child, I lived with my grandfather. And he was a watchmaker. The clock was everywhere, they ticked, squeaked,  and woke up the neighbours at night with a twelve-hour battle. I adored the watch, I often sat and watched how my grandfather worked with them, looking for small details that fell on the carpet. I even asked him to teach me how to fix them too. But he just laughed and said that I’m too restless for this.
Later I came up with another idea. Since I can not save watches that are not subject to repair, I can make them something new and interesting. So began my experiments, which continue to this day. After a while, I learned that there is a whole subculture called “steampunk”, where the whole reality is based on mechanisms, gears, steam, etc and that I am in this alignment with my craft, it passing to me. 

I can define my style as an experimental steampunk, I use very diverse materials to create my works, such as dried flowers, shells, natural stones, sometimes dead insects found in the forest during the collection of plants for a new collection, etc. Fantasy has no boundaries, so each product is unique. I never repeat the model, I’m sure every person is a unique universe and therefore for each one individual jewellery

And now!!

 PsychoSteampunk is a level of concentration where various states of consciousness manifest themselves, transforming the illusory nature of reality into anything by any means through the direct exercise of unbending intention, leading to uncontrollable joy and development of all participants of this action. ♾

At the moment, my work is not only the design of jewellery and decor products but also the process of revitalizing them in action. This is an exchange of experience with other masters, sometimes working in completely different directions, organize art events,  photo sessions, video shooting, experimental dances, the conceptualization of the experience and presentation in different forms to the audience. This is my personal game with the universe and my language, in which I tell her fairy tales.

Another embodiment of my art is a comic book catalogue, which is preparing to see the world soon, and a hint of which you can see on my Instagram page. In it, I will tell a fantastic story about the distant future, wonderful heroes and try to convey the spirit of the PsychoSteampunk as much as possible!





Olga Razhnaya


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